Thursday, 26 October 2017


Today I am going to share with you a very funny and gross childhood memory.
I was seven years old and I was on holiday in Noosa with my family where one of my favourite animals the Koala also lives.

After a fun day at the beach swimming, building sandcastles and eating the best snow cones you could ever imagine. I could choose any flavour and the ice took forever to melt.

We walked back to our hotel when my two brothers thought they would have a relaxing spa in the outdoor bath on the deck. I didn't have one I thought I'd sit back on the lounger and soak up the views, and a funny view it was.

Jack and Ben my brothers filled up the bath and jumped in. They turned on the jets. The jets started to rumble and then like a shot gun they fired out all this black stuff onto their bodies. They first thought it was dirt but realising what it was they jumped out of the bath screaming their heads off.
Their bodies were covered with hundreds of tiny black soldier ants marching across their bodies. It looked like they had been attacked by the pepper grinder!

They ran inside to have a shower with ants stuck to their bodies but they slipped onto the wet tiles on the way. All I can remember is them screaming slipping and sliding all over the place and all Mum, Dad and I could do was laugh. 

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