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Science Blog 9/6/2017 Week 6 Catapults And Rocket Balloon.

What I've done. I have done rocket balloons and making catapults.

What I found out. That rubber bands help the spoon to not go to                        far back and snap. The rubber bands provide tension (tightness) for the catapult.

What I wonder. If you put stones in cotton balls they will go further than  normal. 

I think force is a
 Push and pull and gravity. Gravity is something  that helps us stay on earth .

Mini golf course - Week 7
I worked on the tiered seating.
I worked with Ollie Sean Jackson and me.
I worked with books and cups and wood and a ping pong ball.
I brought the cups and the wood.

It truned  out really good be us every shot went in the first shot miss so we made some bounce platforms and then every shot went in the it went good made by Sam Findlay 

 Science blog week 8 catapult 
FORCE IS……. A force like gravity and push and pull we tested a pull force game of tug of war  we tested boys vs girls and year 5 vs year 6 .
Gravity draws objects  towards the earth’s centre, pull is a towards you force and push is a forward force.       We 

Today Sanjive  and I finished our catapult data. We finished the one cotton ball one, then  we got on to the 3 cotton ball one. Sanjive 
And I think that it went good here is the data.

When we fired it the spoon went wobbly so we changed the height. It changed a lot like the speed and made it go longer. I changed the angle of the  spoon. We also changed the weight of the cotton balls. We started with 1 and then changed it to 3.
Here's the finished product 
it went good. I think it went good because the height and the structure of the catapult. The furtherest distance with one cotton ball was 12m and 20cm. The furtherest with 3 cotton balls  was 11m 16cm.

Week 9/10 plan. Playground  model. This week in   Science  we got to make a model playground this  is the steps 
Seesaw steps:1 get supplies. 
2 glue bottom layer of popsicle sticks together. 
3 glue the skewer in the middle of the popsicle sticks.
4. Get something that's a triangular shape to make it rock up and down.
5. Stick it on the base.

Flying fox steps: 1 get supplies
2 make a stand from pop sticks and stick the string to it.
3 make a climbing wall to get up to the flying fox.
4 put the seat on the string and make a stand for the other end.
5 stick it to the base.

Mouse wheel steps:1 get supplies 
2 glue  popsicle to the inside of can.
 3 slide toilet roll into can. 
4 cut some card to shape then glue to stop toilet roll coming out. 
5 glue to base   

Pound/pool steps:1 get supplies 
2. Hot glue plastic together.
 3 paint the plastic blue. 
4 stick to base 
5 put pebbles around the side. 

Slide steps:1 get supplies
2 fold the paper into the shape of a slide
3 glue popsicle stick to same size as paper.
4 glue the popsicle sticks on as the side 
5 glue to base and tower

Basketball hoop steps:1 get supplies
2 stick pop sticks and cardboard together to make the pole and backboard.
3 stick the wire to the backboard to make the rim.
4 stick the net to the wire.

Swing steps:1 get supplies. 
2 glue sticks into v shape with a little bit of space to put a skewer in and do it twice.
3 glue a skewer to connect them together. 
4 glue two pieces of string a cap and do it again. 
5 glue string to skewer and glue to base.

Bench in steps:1 get supplies
2 make a L shape with the pop sticks.
3 make the stools and stick them on.
 I'm working with hamish g . Liam and Sean. Something that's going good is the  organising.a struggle  is  working together .a improvement is Quality. My next step is to start making.

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