Monday, 26 June 2017

High ropes

Tuesday 23 may high ropes
At Wainui camp it was fun at high ropes. I was scared, I was nervous, I was worried. I had never been up that high before and I did not trust the rope.  I was standing below the ropes looking up thinking how high could I go and will I fall.

I felt excited when I was halfway through the course. Once I got on the first wire I realised that it was really fun. I did the one with the ropes and buoys that you have to reach. I had to give them a kick because I couldn’t reach them. I jumped on the middle buoy and sang raining tacos - I felt like a taco. I didn’t want to sing wrecking ball because I was getting filmed. I was the only one to go on the buoys in my group. I wondered if that would make me famous.

I felt really weird afterwards because I had been in the air for so long on a harness and holding onto the ropes. I had to hold on to stuff because I felt like I couldn’t walk properly on the ground. I also thought I might vomit.

It was so much fun and I realised that I could more than I thought I could do.

Made by Sam Findlay

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